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Yesterday, I raced around nonstop between 8:30 in the morning and 10pm at night.

And I rather enjoyed it.

This sort of timeline was pretty typical back in the days when I was a corporate executive.

I don’t think I’d want to do that again seven days a week, but I wouldn’t mind doing it three days a week on some kind of ongoing basis after tax season is over.

It’s kind of reassuring to be accelerating under somebody else’s stream power. And it carries over. Makes me more productive in my own down time. Otherwise – as noted here on numerous occasions – I fall victim to my overpowering laziness. My deep love of entropy. Fuck it, I’ll say, confronting the sprawl of self-started, half-completed projects on my desk. Aren’t there at least five episodes of ‘Watch What Happens?’ I haven’t seen yet? Maybe Andy will finally get LisaR to tell him what’s really going on with her lips.


Romulo paid me the nicest compliment. Romulo is my most advanced English student. Dutchess Literacy has been pressuring him to move up into the Advanced English Class. (I teach Intermediate English.) I suppose their funding is partly based on stats that demonstrate their students advance.

Romulo keeps telling them, No.

“I tell them yesterday to just stop asking,” Romulo told me last night. “Because you best English teacher I ever have. I have lot of English teachers. I stay with you.”

Well, I do try hard.


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