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Very sedentary day, yesterday. I may have gotten up from my desk a couple of times. (The operative word in that sentence is “may.”) To pee. To prepare food stuffs. (I seem to be back into my food-as-fuel mindset. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.)

Mostly I worked. I’m way behind on my revenue generation.

Also I argued with imaginary people who live in my computer in an enchanted country called Facebookistan.

And I flirted with L’s handyman.

Not sure what it was I found so attractive about L’s handyman who emigrated from Malta at the age of seven and so has a really intriguing accent – Southern Mediterranean lilt, New Yawk City vowels.

His name is Frank. He’s a little older than me. Until 10 years ago or so, he was an engineer at IBM but got laid off in one of the regime changes. He wasn’t ready to retire, so he made a late-life career change. A lucrative one: He charges $50 an hour, and he’s not a particularly fast worker.

“But what I really want to do is travel,” he told me, eyes atwinkle.

“I want to travel, too!” I all but shrieked. “Let’s travel together!”

In the old days when I was young and gorgeous, I was often criticized by various men of my acquaintance for what they termed my “predatory” hookup style. It was unseemly in a girl.

But when I like it, I like it.

Flirting with Frank brought me back to that time in my life.

There’s the bed, I wanted to say. And when we’re through, we can book the airplane tickets.


The big debates in Facebookistan these days are (1) whether climate change played a role in the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey and the devastation that will be wrought by Hurricane Irma and (2) whether it was shortsighted of Obama to push DACA through by executive decree.

Note that I vote “Affirmative” on both issues.

I never waste my time arguing climate change with people who won’t accept it. I was a latecomer to belief in climate change myself, but the tree ring studies finally convinced me. It’s real. It doesn’t make a damn bit of difference whether you believe in it or not: It’s gonna happen.

The DACA stuff…

Well. I think immigration reform is a very good thing. I think if you come to the U.S. when you’re seven years old, you deserve to go on living in the U.S. with full rights of citizenry.


This is something that ought to have been legislated.

The fact that the Democrats were unable to push it through the House of Representatives as legislation is something I attribute entirely to the ineptitude of then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a sorry excuse for a career politician.

It ought not to have mandated as an executive decree.

The executive branch of the government is not responsible for enacting what amount to laws.

I felt so strongly about this issue, in fact, that I didn’t vote for Obama in 2012.

It bespeaks a certain hubris on Obama's part, on the part of the entire Democratic Party in fact, that they just blithely assumed that whoever won the next election would be in concert with a controversial agenda.

The ends don’t justify the means.

That’s not my righteous indignation over Machiavellian stratagems boiling over, by the way. It’s a pragmatic analysis. It’s just too easy to undo executive orders. You cannot rely upon them to enact sweeping changes.

This apparently is too subtle a point for the Obama fanboys and fangirls who live in Facebookistan, and I got roundly lambasted for bringing it up.

Not that I care.

But really, it would have been a more productive use of my time to push Frank down on my bed.
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Braindead this morning.

Stayed up waaaaay too late last night on account of wanting to use Facebook to impress an old acquaintance of mine who has morphed into a literary agent.

Decided that the best way to impress him was to write insightful analyses of the never-ending Presidential primaries.

And I did impress him, but simultaneously, I horrified him when I declared that this year, the true contest was not Republicans v Democrats but Outsiders v Insiders, and that I personally know four people who've announced that if Bernie Sanders doesn’t get the Dem nomination, they’re voting for Donald Trump! (True dat, by the way.)

Oh, well. He can’t be a very good literary agent, right? He lives in California!


Also, during a long conversation with L, remembered something that happened to me when I was living in Ithaca. (Our conversation spanned the gamut from psychic phenomena to porn, topics that are equally fun to discuss!)

I was walking down State Street on the same block as the Ithaca Diner one cloudy afternoon when I saw Mark walking toward me.

Mark had been dead for approximately a month.

It was a very strong sighting – Mark’s familiar wry grin, his shuffling way of walking (eventually, the MS put him a wheelchair) – although not quite a vision: When Mark got within two feet of me, I saw that Mark was actually Ben.

But this is how I knew that Ben was very, very sick indeed a full month before he ended up in the ICU in an hepatic encephalitic coma with a very grim diagnosis.

For those who are interested, this is generally the way sightings work.

You don’t actually see people who aren’t there.

Instead, your mind kinda overlays on to people who are there.

Anyway, I thought, Well, maybe that would work for the novel. June sees her father walking toward her, only her father is really Henry.

They duck into a Chinese restaurant where obnoxious Emil Coen tells Henry – in June’s presence – that June is Jewish.

Next day, she learns her father has died.

Kinda solves the tricky transitional jump between past tense exposition and real life action.


I’m also incredibly achy on account of I ran way too fast yesterday. Trochanteric aches – right where the gluteus attaches to the femur. I can fit back into my favorite dress again, and I wore it Saturday night. But I still look like I’m four months pregnant – unsettling given that as of today, I am 64-years-old!!!!

What was it again that Roxy Hart said? Not that the truth really matters. But I'm gonna tell you anyway. The thing is, see, I'm older than I ever intended to be.


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