Apr. 12th, 2017


Apr. 12th, 2017 07:23 am
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My ESL students gave me roses and also an extremely beautiful bracelet made of Mexican silver.

I was beyond touched.

I run into Tony sometimes at the Hyde Park McDonald’s where he does second shifts after putting in a full day of manual labor as one of the groundskeepers at the Big Old House that’s right across the road from the Wyndcliff ruins. (What can I say? I like McDonald’s French fries!)

Romulo’s been out of a job since last October.

Ines cleans houses.

Adaline works retail at the Dollar Store.


Long-stemmed roses represent serious bank for my ESL students.

I felt honored. And humbled.


Else? I had an extremely pleasant, low-key b-day that included another elaborate floral tribute from der kinder and celebratory cupcakes from the Hyde Park tax squad.

I spent hours sitting in on a bench overlooking the Hudson River reading The Best American Short Stories 2015, soaking up the resonance of the beyond gorgeous afternoon. (“Beyond” is the adjective of the day, I guess.) Say what you will about T.C. Boyle as a Pynchon Lite novelist, he’s got a crack eye for good short fiction: This is the best collection of Best American Short Stories I’ve read in many years, and there’s one story in particular – Fingerprints by someone named Justin Bigos – that was like nothing I’ve ever read before and stunningly brilliant.

Speaking of stunningly brilliant fiction, tax season is over on Friday, so I will have run out of excuses for not buckling down and creating some myself.


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