Garden and Pets

Jul. 27th, 2017 12:11 pm
[personal profile] robby
 I weeded and fertilized the tomatoes, and cleared an area for 5 New Mexico pepper plants. The orange cat is always out there, and likes it when I work in the garden. I gave Cali her flea meds. She seems happy and I am giving her more attention.

The hunting dog almost always comes out to the boonies with us, and runs  with my dogs. Today, he led them way off course, and when I called them, Dinah was the first one back! She also was very quick to come back on leash when  the time came.

I enjoyed that...

Jul. 27th, 2017 07:16 pm
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Channel tunnel. Easy. Who knew?

We were going acrosss to Bruges to pick up a piece of art we had seen in an expo in Beaugency. Got there, found that we'd arrived on Belgium's national day and everyone was celebrating at a free gig in the main square. Safe to say the night floated away on a sea of beer and music...

Next day we met the artist. He actually lives in the South of France, and promptly invited us to go spend time there with him, so we may well do that sometime. The piece itself is bigger and heavier than either of us recall, so we agreed to leave it in the Belfry until it was time to go. It's called the Faun Venetiane, and is a carved piece of wood with a bronze mask attached, and two old antelope horns given to the artist by his father long ago. Venice and masks and fairies and Africa... It is like a sculpture of our story. Is it beautiful? I think so, in a very Pans Labyrinth sort of way. I am expecting my cleaner to hand in her notice the moment she sees it, because there is no denying it could be seen as sinister to such a Christian soul (she received good news while at my house earlier in the week, and sank to her knees thanking god, full of joy. I wish I believed in anything so passionately) Anyway, the sculpture is still wrapped up because it's mainly wood and until we have a plinth/case/some way of keeping cats off, we need to keep their claws away.

In Bruges we also saw the Dali expo, with many of his sketches and designs...Hmm. In my considered opinion, he wanted more sex than he got. Dali's spurting sketches and floating sky vulvas seem a little desperate and dated - but then they would now, I guess. It never was about him being ahead of his time; he was his own time, and all there was in it. I respect that, though little of the work on display stayed with me.

The city was the star, with more holy iconography adorning walls than I've seen anywhere except the street shrines of Katmandu. Most corners held a statue on the upper walls, modern Maries, classic Maries, renaissance Maries, medieval Maries... On streets named after saints they might get a look in, but Marias were everywhere. There were also many depictions of workers and guilds. I know there is a story there in the little cobbled streets and alleys. Some call it the Venice of the North - then again some say that of Ghent, or Amsterdam - but no, it is not beautiful the way Venice is beautiful. You can still feel the village heart of it and a kind of wit too. Bruges has great prettiness, with maybe a few surprises of its own. Seems to be the way with water cities.

Bruges rainbow

Cali Is Home

Jul. 23rd, 2017 09:15 pm
[personal profile] robby
After being missing about a week, Cali shows up tonight for her supper. She seems happy to see me, and she has lots of foxtails and burrs in her fur. I'm going to keep a gate shut, on the chance that the orange male cat was bothering her.

 I saw Dunkirk last night, and was caught off guard by the little vignettes of men caught up in the evacuation. There wasn't much emphasis on dialogue, and the cinematography was pretty surreal.

Dinah ran for miles this morning, but thencame back on leash like a champ.

I was working outside just now, and came back in about 11:15. The weather was in the low 90's with a "real feel" of 100 Fahrenheit, so that's enough for me. I didn't get everything done, but I'm not going to bet against this heat, and risk getting heat distressed.

I'm curious if anyone reads this mundane little posts of mine.


Jul. 23rd, 2017 11:37 am
[personal profile] robby
 I saw Dunkirk last night, and was caught off guard by the little vignettes of men caught up in the evacuation. There wasn't much emphasis on dialogue, and the cinematography was pretty surreal.

Dinah ran for miles this morning, but thencame back on leash like a champ.

I was working outside just now, and came back in about 11:15. The weather was in the low 90's with a "real feel" of 100 Fahrenheit, so that's enough for me. I didn't get everything done, but I'm not going to bet against this heat, and risk getting heat distressed.

I'm curious if anyone reads this mundane little posts of mine.

Running with the big dog

Jul. 22nd, 2017 11:46 am
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 The hunting dog (catahoula leopard dog?) came with us for a walk. I was worried that he would distract Dinah while she was off leash, but she still minded me. I was able to call her back from a huge distance. At the end of the free time Dinah seemed to be ready to go home, just not on a leash. I was insistent, so she eventually complied.

(no subject)

Jul. 21st, 2017 05:50 pm
[personal profile] robby
 Dinah ran again this morning, and got back on leash fairly quickly. The internet guides to off leash dogs recommend starting as a puppy, but I got both my dogs as adults. We'll do it again tomorrow morning.

Dinah was stray and sleeping under a truck next door, but I couldn't have found a better dog for Halo. He really has welcomed her, and she is so sweet and considerate of him. 

Pet Update

Jul. 20th, 2017 10:52 am
[personal profile] robby
 Cali is missing. She was getting old, but I will keep an eye out for her. It's possible that she's around, but relocated because of the orange cat, who can be a bully.

I'm letting the dogs go off leash every morning in the boonies. Dinah loves to hunt and really run. She weighs 60 lbs, but is sleek and slender and built for speed. She's difficult about coming back on leash, and I'm using all my dog training mojo to teach her to do that.


Jul. 20th, 2017 11:43 am
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On the day before I travel to Bruges, my cleaner can't come, I have yet to get supplies for the cat sitter,there's a dispute over a broken ipad which has led to a tiny amount of odd behaviour and half the apple tree has split away; a fine meal for the local pig farm out of all these inadvertent windfalls, while I've spent the morning carving off the huge old branch and applying what can best be applied as an arboreal poultice in the pouring rain. Solutions for the tree include vaseline and duct tape. Part of me thinks they might also be useful re the dispute.


Jul. 19th, 2017 09:58 am
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I don't know what's happening to my sleep. It's no longer that I can't drop off or that I wake up and can't fall back to sleep again. I used to wake up for the first time around 4 a.m.; now I'm just as likely to sleep through until 5, 5:30, or even later. But it isn't good sleep. I force myself to get up at 7 to start my routine when all I can think about is going back to bed. I take micronaps in the afternoon now, sometimes in a meeting, sometimes on my commute home, and sometimes I slip off to Periodicals for a bit.

One direct consequence of this is more dreaming. Mostly it's the typical jumble of work and travel anxiety or strange vacation and living arrangements, but last night's was a bit different. I don't even remember exactly what Monshu and were doing together, but I 'woke up' from that and I was in a conversation pit with longtime friends like [personal profile] keyne and [profile] kcatalyst who were hatching a mad plan to head out and drive down or catch a redeye to a place called "Kindred City" for some demo or other. But I was thinking of the dream and fighting back tears, so I begged off much to everyone's disappointment.

And then I woke up for real. And for the umpteenth time it hit me that he's gone, that he's never coming back, and that these snatches of dream are the only real taste I'll have any more of what it felt like to have his constant active presence in my life. And before long, I was really fighting back tears and asking myself why the hell do I have to go into work oh right there's an event today that I helped planned and share responsibility for making succeed.

I've gotten used to the constantly drowsiness--I was already used to it this time last year--and it only really bothers me when I notice myself doing something I never remember doing before, like colliding with a doorframe or smacking my hand on something I always would have noticed and avoided. I also struggle to remember names and facts and references in a way I didn't used to before, but that could just be part of the natural process of growing old and forgetful.

Birthday wishes

Jul. 18th, 2017 12:56 pm
lethe1: (bl: dancing)
[personal profile] lethe1
Happy birthday, [personal profile] maldeluxx a.k.a. [ profile] maldeluxx! Hope you're having a lovely day :)

Fine Days, Bad Nights

Jul. 17th, 2017 10:32 am
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This summer I've been making a real effort to go to free festivals in London. There are loads, and they're charming. The Lambeth Country Show was no exception, except that it had the most wonderful herb stalls of the lot. I wanted to buy things like mullein, skullcap and woad, stuff you don't see anymore, but I bottled out after buying some favourites of mine, Thyme and Vipers Bugloss for the bees, Catnip for kitties, Fennel and Dill for food and feathery loveliness, Roman Chamomile because it's irresistible. I should have bought southernwood and pennyroyal too. I should have just buried myself in a forest of herbs for the rest of the day...

And of course, always good to meet friends; the bro joined us, and all was great. The next day was about rest and catching up with someone who wanted to tell me some private stuff. Both nights I had terrible dreams.

Saturday night I dreamed I asked my father for some help with a hurt robin. One of its wings had been sheered right off, as though it had never had a wing there at all. It just hopped around while I tried to keep cats away. I wondered if the merciful thing was to kill it, then I looked down and saw on the ground one little dead bird, on top of which was another, smaller, dead bird, respectfully placed. Was I just collecting dead birds out of pointless cherishing?

Last night I dreamed I was having an interview with an old lecturer of mine: He was a small gentle man in real life; here he was berating me about my bad behaviour in the past, a paper of mine he had marked 17 and a half out of something. The paper was about fairies, but he said it wasn't pointed enough, and he had written awful comments about me. One was something about raging/flaming/some adjective describing overwhelming depression and there was something about psychopathy, which, in the dream, made me wonder if I was my father. Having realised that I wasn't, I took the lecturer to task, asking him how he thought these comments would help me at all. I reminded him of the room I had stayed in, where there were problems with ghosts. He laughed. 'Well, you would have trouble in that room,' he said, but agreed his words had not been helpful. I tore a strip off him. We were travelling with a group somewhere. I didn't care, not about the group, not about him.

Maybe this had to do with me having a PTSD episode last night, my first in a long time, triggered by something on TV. I don't know. But I feel very uncomfortable today and once again feel a kind of coldness around me.

God I need some decent sleep.

Garden Update

Jul. 16th, 2017 03:29 pm
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 The Butternut squash in the south bed is sprouting in 105 F temperatures. The New Mexico peppers just sprouted indoors. The cats keep laying on my little bush bean plants and snapping off the stems.

Bird Dog

Jul. 15th, 2017 08:30 am
[personal profile] robby
 Dinah caught a jay, and is wildly excited. The bird flock is diving at her and scolding her.


Jul. 14th, 2017 10:28 pm
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Let's go swimming in music
The castles will come to us
even a brick wants to move
That's the reason things fall down

Show me your dance of passion
Cross my palms with smiles and silver,
I'm a black cat on the pavement,
Treat me well and you'll be lucky

And you may call it nonsense,
While I smile and pull you closer,
Going nowhere, Ima kiss you
By Carnival and Moonlight.


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